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Moth Stop Fabric Moth Killer & Freshener Spray – Cotton Fresh

£ 8.99

Killing moths, eggs and larvae, prevent moths from eating through your clothes with our Moth Stop Fabric Moth Killer & Freshener Spray. New cotton fresh scent.

Moth Stop Fabric Moth Killer & Freshener Spray – Cotton Fresh

Product number: 63607

Are pesky moths eating away at your clothes? Our Moth Stop Fabric Moth Spray is the answer to your problems. You just spray it on to kill moths, their eggs and larvae, and it’s especially useful when you’re packing away out-of-season clothes – the last thing you want is to dig them out months later to find that they’ve been steadily munching their way through them all summer long…

Proven to kill moths and their larvae

Effective on clothes and fabrics for up to 3 months, this spray is scientifically proven to provide safe, long-lasting protection against moths and – more importantly – their eggs and larvae, while the cotton fresh scent ensures fabrics remain beautifully fragranced.

Lovely fresh fragrance

Not everyone loved the original lavender fragrance of our Moth Stop products, so it made sense to us to add another scent to the range. With the lovely cotton-fresh scent of just-washed laundry, our Cotton Fresh Sprays give you another option if lavender just isn’t for you.

About our Moth Stop range

Tried, tested and registered to meet strict regulations, our Moth Stop range is easy to use and proven to stop moths in their tracks. The first step is to use our traps to find out if you’ve got them – by the time you notice any damage to clothing, it may well be too late. The second step is to get rid of them using our sprays, and the third is to use our hangers and sachets to protect your precious garments and soft furnishings from further damage.

Did you know?

It’s not actually the moths that eat your clothes, it’s the larvae, making them very hard to spot until it’s too late and you see the tell-tale holes in your favourite sweater and soft furnishings.

Use pesticides safely. Always read the label and the product information before use.

Please note: not recommended for use on silk, suede or leather.

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