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2 Modelli Hanging Moth Proofer Aqua Lux

£ 5.99

2x Modelli Aqua Lux moth proofer hangers scented with natural oils. Incl. end-of-life indicator. Protect clothes from moths & larvae for upto 3 months

2 Modelli Hanging Moth Proofer Aqua Lux

Product number: 25609

With hooks to hangs them in your wardrobes, the hanging Modelli Moth Proofer Sachets in this pack make it easy to protect your most precious clothes while they’re hanging in your wardrobes, with a woody Aqua Lux scent that’s inspired by Italian couturiers. Just hang them between your best shirts, trousers, jackets, coats and party frocks to keep them safe for weeks at a time.

Proven to provide protection from hungry clothes moth larvae this pack of two hanging sachets is scented with citrusy top notes of orange, grapefruit and ginger above a rich base of cedar, sandalwood, musk and more subtle jasmine, rose and ozonic marine notes.

About Modelli Moth Proofers

Created in Milan in association with the Milan Institute of Fashion and the Italian Textile and Fashion Federation, and proven to eliminate clothes moths and their larvae, Modelli have produced these stylish, subtly scented sachets to protect all your favourite garments. Delicately perfumed with natural oils in blends inspired by fine fragrances, they’re specially designed to be gentle on vulnerable fabrics, offering discreet but effective protection for up to 3 months and each has an end-of-life indicator, making it easy to see when it’s time to replace it.

Please note: Use pesticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


  • Irritant hazard
  • Environmental hazard

Product dimensions

8.5 x 15cm.

Useful documents

  • description Product Label (PDF)

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