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Inhouse Stick+Store Kitchen Buddy Multipurpose Cleaning Tool

£ 8.99

4 kitchen cleaning tools in 1.
Brush, scraper and two squeegees.
Easy to use and hold.
Integral suction cups.
Stick to a smooth surface to store.
12.5 x 9.5cm.

Inhouse Stick+Store Kitchen Buddy Multipurpose Cleaning Tool

Product number: 46353

You can use one of those disposable scrubby-topped kitchen sponges (you know the ones) to brush up crumbs, mop up wet spills, wipe food off plates or have a go at scrubbing off stubborn burnt-on bits. But Inhouse Stick+Store’s versatile Kitchen Buddy performs all the same cleaning tasks, has a side that’s perfect for each job, and doesn’t need throwing away every so often (we’re not going to say how often, you’ll only judge us). And you can stick it to the side of your sink or to tiles, so it’s always easy to find.

4 cleaning tools in 1

Each side of the pad has a non-slip, soft-grip circle so you can get a firm hold – just position your grip to use any of the four sides:

  • Straight rubber squeegee – whisks water off flat surfaces.
  • Curved, flexible rubber blade – gets into corners and curves the straight squeegee can’t – just the thing for scraping leftover mixture out of bowls or saucepans, or clearing plates.
  • Brush – durable, non-scratch nylon bristles make quick work of sweeping away crumbs, spilt sugar or flour.
  • Scraper – gets rid of all stuck-on, burnt-on bits on oven or baking trays.

Easy to store – just stick it to your sink

Or to tiles or splashbacks – the little group of stick-fast suction cups on one side will hold it firmly in place till you want to use it again, so you’ll be sure to find it right where you left it. And storing it like this lets any water drain away too, so it dries more quickly (and hygienically) than it would if it was left on your worktop or inside a sink tidy.

Please note: not suitable for use on hot pans, cookers or bakeware.

12.5 x 9.5 x 1.5cm.


  • Dishwasher safe

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