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Hetty Eco Bagged Vacuum Cleaner 912739

£ 159.99

Efficient, energy-saving vacuum cleaner.
EcoBrush removes dust, dirt and hair.
Specialist tools for every cleaning job.
Easy to wheel about and empty.
Self-seal vacuum bags lock in dust .
6 litre. 420W. .

Hetty Eco Bagged Vacuum Cleaner 912739

Product number: 46406

Here to help do her bit for the environment while she’s making your home (and car) spotless, Hetty has turned eco. With a high-efficiency motor that makes her perfect for everything from the big spring clean to a quick spruce-up, Hetty Eco still gives you all the high-quality, professional results you’d expect, but uses 30% less energy than before.

What you get

  • Hetty Eco vac – with tool storage area, sturdy wheels, 6-litre bag capacity and a 10-metre cable with trouble-free rewind function.
  • HepaFlo bag – with self-seal tab to prevent dust spillages.
  • EcoBrush – to remove stubborn dust, debris and pet hairs from carpets and stairs.
  • Combi Floor Tool – easily switch between carpets and hard floors.
  • Crevice Tool – perfect for getting into all those nooks and crannies.
  • Dusting Tool – ideal for shelves, picture frames and ornaments.
  • Upholstery and Mattress Tool – really handy in the car, on the stairs and for cleaning the sofa.
  • Tool adaptor
  • Efficient, energy-saving, high-performance cleaning

    Using 30% less energy than other Hetty models, but with the same powerful high-quality, high-performance cleaning you’d expect, the high-efficiency motor and EcoBrush work in conjunction to easily remove stubborn dust, dirt and pet hairs from your carpets and stairs. And if you’re going between rooms with different flooring, the Combi Floor Tool is super-handy, setting the brushes up or down depending on what you’re cleaning to get the best results.

    Specialist tools for every cleaning job

    The Crevice Tool gets into all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, the Dusting Tool takes care of more delicate surfaces and ornaments, an Upholstery Tool for cleaning sofas, chairs, soft furnishings and curtains, and a built-in tool storage area to hold all of the tools, so it’s easy to find and store what you need, wherever and whenever you like.

    Easy to move about

    If you’ve ever used a Hetty you’ll know how easily she rolls around – she’s so much easier to manoeuvre than many other vacs. And the super-long 10-metre cable means you can clean so much of your house in one go, without having to constantly unplug and then plug her back in again. And when her work is done, the cable rewinds quickly and easily – there’ll be no tangled flexes here.

    Emptying with no dust and no mess

    Sometimes removing and changing your vacuum’s bag is a chore in itself and you can end up putting it off. Well, procrastinate no more! Hetty has your back. With her huge 6-litre capacity, she won’t need emptying as often as lots of other vacuums. And when she is ready to give up her dusty contents, the clever, self-seal HepaFlo Bags have been specially designed to lock in the dust and debris, so you can dispose of the bag without any dusty mess.

    Pack of 10 HepaFlo bags also available.

    Model No. 912739

    About Henry and Hetty vacs

    A true British favourite, the lovable Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners have become a household name thanks to their iconic smile and versatile, professional cleaning results. Designed, engineered and tested in the UK, over 11 million Henrys alone have been made since 1981, and they really are built to last, with Henry and Hetty independently rated as the UK’s most reliable vacuum brand.

    6 litre. 32 x 34 x 34.5cm H. 7.5kg. Flex 10m. 420W.


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