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Gleener Fuzz Remover Portable Travel Version

£ 14.99

2-in-1 travel bobble remover and lint brush.
3 interchangeable clip-on heads.
Compact size – fits in pockets and luggage.
Suitable for a wide range of fabrics.
No batteries required.
15cm L. .

Gleener Fuzz Remover Portable Travel Version

Product number: 53260

Ensure your clothes look their best, even when you’re travelling, with the Travel Gleener Fuzz Remover. This travel-sized, compact version of our bestselling Gleener is a must-have for those last-minute or on-the-go wardrobe touch-ups.

Compact size

About the same size as a glasses case, the Travel Gleener fits easily in pockets, purses, glove compartments and carry-on luggage – perfect for life on the go. It’s also ingeniously designed so it stores the not-in-use interchangeable de-pilling edges inside and comes with a handy storage pouch too.

2-in-1 bobble remover and lint brush

This patented and award-winning fabric shaver and lint brush will quickly and easily get rid of bobbles, pet hair and lint from almost all fabrics, without causing any damage to your clothing. There’s a choice of three fabric-safe heads, depending on the material and the size of the bobbles, and a lint brush built in to complete the task of reinvigorating your wardrobe.

Comfortable and easy to use

With a clever compact design, the Travel Gleener is easy to use, working a bit like a razor, and the little inner compartment holds the two additional heads that aren’t in use, allowing you to easily swap edges. Simply unclip the storage compartment, select the head you require and attach it in place, then close the Gleener with a click and it’s ready to go. And then, once you’ve finished, just turn it over to use the built-in lint brush, which will quickly pick up any pet hair, dandruff or specks of fluff and dust, leaving you with just-like-new clothing.

Suitable for a wide range of fabrics

Look out pills – your days are numbered! The Travel Gleener works on a vast array of natural and synthetic fibres, such as wool, merino, cashmere, silk, angora and pashmina – all those expensive, valuable items you don’t want to have to throw away. It’s not just for delicates though, as it can be used to de-pill plenty of everyday materials, such as acrylic, nylon, microfibre and polyamide; our Buying Team have found it particularly effective on their various pairs of polyester trousers. You can use it to revitalise coats, gloves, hats, bedsheets, blankets and cushions, sofas, even car seats, and lots, lots more besides.

3 interchangeable clip-on heads

It’s the patented Safe Edge System that makes this fabric shaver different from other clothes de-bobblers. Each clip-on edge has been carefully designed to target the different kinds of fuzz ball you get on fine, medium and heavier-weight fabrics, so it’s ideal for use with all sorts of clothing.

Edge 1 – ideal for big, bulky pills like you’d find on woolly jumpers, fabric blends and synthetics like polyester.

Edge 2 – works best on medium pills, such as those found on delicate cashmere, merino and other finer wool fabrics. It’s also great for revitalising bobbled fleece jumpers and blankets.

Edge 3 – brings thin summer knits, t-shirts, silk blends and other especially delicate fabrics back to life, removing very tiny pills.

No batteries required

Needing no batteries, the Travel Gleener will be ready for action when you are, no matter where you are. With its compact design and handy travel bag, this little lint shaver ensures you can save your fave fabrics wherever you are.

Award-winning design

Since its invention many years ago, the original Gleener has been shortlisted for a number of awards for its innovation, and is the proud winner of the 2017 European Product Design Award.

Please note: not suitable for embroidered fabric, very delicate fabric or loose weave knits.

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Product dimensions

15cm L.


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