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6 Pack-Mate Assorted Vacuum Bags

£ 39.99

Reduce items to a quarter of their size.
Great value set of 6 with 3 different sizes.
Two-tone zips show when bags are sealed.
Lock out moths, moisture and dust.
5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

6 Pack-Mate Assorted Vacuum Bags

Product number: 63425

If you’ve got lots of winter woollies, summer clothes or bedding to store away, this set of 6 Assorted Pack-Mate Vacuum Bags is a great place to start, as they’ll help you fit up to four times as much stuff in your wardrobes.

What you get

  • 2 large bags (55 x 80cm.)
  • 2 extra large flat bags (70 x 105cm).
  • 2 jumbo bags (90 x 110cm).

About Pack-Mate vacuum storage bags

Quadrupling your storage space by reducing seasonal clothing, duvets, quilts and blankets to a quarter of their normal size, Pack-Mate’s easy-to-seal bags keep moths, moisture, odour and dust locked out, ensuring their contents stay fresh during storage. And when you want to use or wear them again, items spring back to their original shape when they’re removed.

Easy to use

Fill your bag using the wide opening, close it up – a two-tone zip helps you see at a glance whether it’s properly sealed – then simply suck out the air from the easy-to-use valve with your vacuum cleaner nozzle: the valve design has been updated so it works with most corded and cordless vacuum cleaners.

Reusable and recyclable

Strongly made from multiple layers, the bags resist tearing and punctures, so they can be used over and over again. When they reach the end of their long lives, it’s good to know that they’re made from recyclable materials. All this, and they’re approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute too.][{5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Please note: patterns may vary.

Large 55 x 80cm; extra large 70 x 105cm; jumbo 90 x 110cm.


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