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CLEANmax Handheld UV Mattress Vacuum SC04

£ 59.99

This highly effective mattress vacuum is perfect for eradicating those unwanted nasties. UV-C light kills bacteria. Includes exclusive 3 year guarantee and free P&P & returns.

CLEANmax Handheld UV Mattress Vacuum SC04

Product number: 46245

It’s one of those problems that nobody really likes to think about, but however hard we try to keep our homes clean, dust mites remain in attendance, particularly in our beds – sometimes triggering allergies, asthma and skin complaints.

Our mattresses can be host to a number of invisible nasties like mites and bacteria, but they can be easily eradicated with the CLEANmax Handheld UV Mattress Vacuum. With a sterilising UV-C lamp, it effectively tackles the problem at source, leaving you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep in a safer, cleaner bed.

What’s in the box?

  • UV mattress vacuum – with integral UV-C lamp, dust compartment, dust filter and HEPA filter.
    A huge help for allergy sufferers, it has a three-pronged approach to the problem, using UV-C light, vibration and two-stage filtration to remove mites and more from your mattress:

  • UV-C light – The UV-C light activates when the vacuum makes contact with the surface that’s being treated, killing off 99.9% of mites, bacteria and fungal spores, so you can thoroughly sterilise your mattress, pillows, blankets and duvet without the need for harsh chemicals. You could even use it on your couch and sofa cushions, too.
  • Agitator function – For a really deep-down clean, the vibrating head shakes up bed bugs and dust particles, bringing them out of their hiding places so the powerful vacuum can suck them away with ease. Just press the button and the plate in front of the vacuum opening will start to vibrate, agitating the surface to turf out the millions of nasty mites lurking in your bed.
  • Dust and HEPA filter – While the dust filter will take care of larger particles, the HEPA filter will trap invisible-to-the eye yet equally harmful particles, making it a must-have for allergy sufferers.

Safety features

The vacuum is packed with safety features to ensure the UV-C light is used safely and effectively, harming only bacteria and mischievous mites. The UV-C light will only turn on when the device is pressed flat against the surface you are cleaning – as soon as you lift the vacuum the light will automatically switch off. The viewing window on top of the vacuum allows you to safely see that the UV-C light is on – if you can’t see the light through the viewing window, apply more pressure and this will activate the light.

Compact and portable

This handy little vacuum is easy to carry from room to room, so you can set your mind at ease, knowing you’ve thoroughly sterilised every bed in the house before everyone climbs in at night.

Model No. SC04

Product dimensions

250ml dust container. 32.5 x 26 x 12cm H. 1.3kg. Flex 4m. 300W.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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