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Beurer Thermo Hygrometer

£ 15.99

Air temperature and moisture monitor. Smiley face indicates optimum levels achieved. Ideal for use as a portable device. Can be wall- mounted. Battery included.

Beurer Thermo Hygrometer

Product number: 25353

Ideal for keeping a regular check on the air temperature and moisture levels in your home, the smart Buerer Thermo Hygrometer is both a thermometer and humidity sensor that keeps you up to date with the conditions in any room of your home, and lets you know if you need to tweak them a bit.

Excesses in air humidity can be a real cause for concern when it comes to our health. For some, having too little moisture in the air results in dry, sore eyes or aggravates existing skin complaints such as eczema, while for others, living in an overly damp environment can worsen other health conditions.

Helping you to establish the levels in your home, this special battery-operated device is ideal for use alongside either a humidifier or dehumidifier as it allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity so that you can then optimise the air’s moisture content. Very easy to read, a simple smiley or an unhappy face indicate whether you are in the recommended range.

Super versatile, it can also be wall-mounted for convenient viewing, or used as a portable device all around the home.

Model No. HM16 – 679.15.

About Beurer

Specialising in products to help you live a comfortable and healthy lifestyle, Beurer, founded in 1919, produce everything from air dehumidifiers to luggage scales. Combining innovative designs with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, Beurer’s catalogue of products tailored to the needs of their customers, helping make everyday life a little bit more comfortable and stress-free.

Product dimensions

10 x 8cm.

Useful documents

  • description Thermo Hygrometer Instructions (PDF)

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