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Beurer Compact Air Purifier with 3-Layer Filtration LR200-66003

£ 169.99

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Beurer Compact Air Purifier with 3-Layer Filtration LR200-66003

Product number: 46152

And breathe… while we can’t control the air we breathe outside our homes, inside is another matter. Beurer’s Air Purifier is designed to capture up to 99.5% of harmful particles and ions from the air, thanks to its 3-layer filter system. And it even has a night mode, so not only can you breathe easy, you can sleep easy too.

Quiet, compact and easy to use

With a neat footprint and standing just 30cm high, it’s discreet enough to fit comfortably in any room of your home where it’s most needed, and even on its highest fan setting it’s remarkably quiet. All the functions can be easily accessed and simply controlled via the top-mounted, illuminated control panel, with LED indicators making it clear what the machine is doing.

3-layer filter system and ionic cleaning function

Capturing up to 99.5% of harmful particles, the 3-layer filter system works hard to eliminate dust and pollutants, drawing it in through the front and releasing clean air out of the top. First, a pre-filter catches domestic dust, pet hair and small insects; then an activated carbon filter rids the air of odours, heavy metals and harmful gases; and lastly, a HEPA filter sees off dust, pollen, mites, viruses and bacteria. And as if that wasn’t enough, the ionic cleaning function clears the air of smaller particles to leave the air as clean as it can be, making this superb air purifier ideal for people with allergies.

3 fan speeds to suit room size

The fan speed can be set according to the size of your room to ensure the purifier operates at the most efficient level: three settings mean it can be used in rooms up to 15 square metres.

Night mode and timer function

Making it ideal for use in a bedroom, this sleek air purifier has a night mode, which dims the indicator lights and operates the machine even more quietly to leave your sleep undisturbed. And thanks to the timer function, you don’t have to leave the purifier running all the time, but can set it to switch off automatically after 2, 4 or 8 hours.

Other features

  • Quiet operation – 30-50 dB.
  • Filter change indicator – glows red when filter needs replacing.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Replaceable filters can be vacuumed once a month to maintain optimum operation.
  • Instructions included.

Model No. LR200-66003


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Product dimensions

27.5 x 17.5 x 31cm H. 3.25kg. Flex 180cm. 60W.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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