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2 LoofCo Washing-Up and Cleaning Pads

£ 4.99

2 eco-friendly, plastic-free sponges
. Made from loofah plant.
Fibres scrub without scratching.
For washing-up and general cleaning.
Long-lasting and fully biodegradable.
Each 10cm Sq.
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2 LoofCo Washing-Up and Cleaning Pads

Product number: 46270

Looking for a more environmentally friendly way to keep your kitchen, bathroom and dishes clean? If you don’t want to use disposable foam (a.k.a. plastic) sponges or nylon-bristled brushes, LoofCo’s completely natural, made-from-plants, compostable Cleaning Pads are a fantastic plastic-free alternative.

All-natural, all-round cleaning power

You might have used a loofah in the bath before, but it was probably to clean yourself – their scrubby fibres are great for that. Working on the same principle, these fibrous pads will clean tiles, sinks, baths and taps, kitchen countertops and chopping boards – and you can use them for the washing-up too.

Made from a double layer of naturally fibrous loofah plants, they swell up when immersed in water to become soft, spongy and flexible, letting them clean without scratching, and making them safe to use them on pretty much any surface, including metal, plastic, marble, granite, paint and chrome.

Last a long time…

Used with care, these pads will last for months. To keep them fresh and help them last as long as possible, rinse thoroughly after each use, squeeze out excess water, shake to remove any trapped particles and then hang them up to dry from the cotton string loop.

… and biodegrade fully when they’re worn out

When their work is done, you can add them to your compost heap, or pop them into your green waste recycling bin – they’re made entirely from plants (loofahs and cotton) so they’re fully biodegradable.

About the loofah plant

A quick-growing vine in the cucumber family, luffa or loofah plants produce fruit that’s edible when young and turns very fibrous when fully ripened – this is what gets turned into loofah ‘sponges’.


Please note: not suitable for use with bleach.

Each 10cm Sq.


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