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Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener

£ 23.49

This easy to use, battery operated, electric can opener from Zyliss, can make your life just that little bit easier. 2 x AA batteries. 11.5cm L.

Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener

Product number: 26429

If you’ve ever struggled to open a tin of beans or a can of soup with a manual can opener (and who hasn’t), then this electric can opener from Zyliss is the makes-the-job-a-doddle answer.
And it’s also perfect for those with dexterity issues or arthritis, thanks to its hands-free operation.

One-touch start and stop

It couldn’t be easier to use, just place the can opener on top of any size of can, press the button and off it goes, making its merry way around the lid, cutting smoothly from the sides to prevent sharp edges. When the Easican gets all the way round, press the button again to stop it. When you lift the opener off, a built-in magnet means the lid comes away with it for easy and safe disposal.

2 x AA batteries required.

About Zyliss

Zyliss have been in the business of thoughtfully designing and carefully constructing high-quality kitchen tools, gadgets and cookware for everyday use in our kitchens for over 60 years. Loved by chefs and home cooks alike, they are continuously refining their products to respond to the changing needs of the modern kitchen.

Product dimensions

11.5cm L.


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