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Zyliss Comfort 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

£ 41.99

Complete 6-piece kitchen knife set from Zyliss. Contoured handles offer comfortable grip. Blade guards for safe storage. Exclusive 3 year guarantee.

Zyliss Comfort 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Product number: 26343

All the kitchen knives you’ll ever need (probably), at fantastic value but still really well-made, sharp and comfy to use – that’s what you get with Zyliss’s Comfort 6-Piece Knife Set, and they’re colour-coded too so it’s easy to find the one you want.

Easy-to-identify kitchen knives, perfect for all kinds of prep

Choose a job, pick the right knife, remember the colour!

  • Yellow Peeling Knife – perfect for removing the skins from apples and potatoes or for scrapes vanilla seeds from their pod. 6.5cm blade.
  • Orange Smooth Paring Knife – ideal for trimming meat and veg, slicing garlic and ginger, or removing the seeds from chillies and peppers, this versatile knife will tackle everyday food prep with ease. 8.5cm blade.
  • Red Serrated Paring Knife – for softer things that straight blades can squash, like tomatoes or bread rolls, this is the knife you need – the sawing motion you use with a serrated knife makes it easier to cut through tough skin or crusts without squishing or damaging what’s inside, so they’re also great for slicing lemons and limes and trimming the edges of cakes. 10.5cm blade.
  • Purple Utility Knife – a great little all-rounder, it will tackle loads of different tasks, from chopping herbs and slicing meat to cutting sandwiches. 13cm blade.
  • Green Santoku Knife – a cross between a cleaver and a chef’s knife, with scalloped indents on its wide blade to stop food sticking while you’re slicing, dicing or mincing. 18cm blade.
  • Blue Chef’s Knife – arguably the most important knife in the kitchen, this workhorse is the one you’ll turn to most – its wide blade can be used for chopping, slicing and dicing almost anything. 18.5cm blade.

Contoured handles for comfort

Knives that don’t fit properly in your hand don’t get used, so Zyliss have designed this range to be really comfortable to use, regardless of how large or small your hand is or how you like to hold your knife. The indent on the top of the handle provides a comfortable place to rest your index finger to help you stay in control while you’re slicing, the flat bolster (the white bit in the middle) helps you get a firm grip and the non-slip, soft-grip handle lets you stay in control, even with wet hands.

Blades stay sharper for longer

The blades are made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel, and are taper-ground for a thinner, finer finish that helps them stay sharper for longer.

Blade guards for safe storage

To stop them slicing into unsuspecting fingers (ouch!) when you reach into your utensil drawer, each knife comes with a matching guard that holds snugly onto the blade, protecting both your hands and the blade from damage.

Japanese stainless steel blades with polypropylene handles and blade guards.

5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Zyliss

Zyliss have been in the business of thoughtfully designing and carefully constructing high-quality kitchen tools, gadgets and cookware for everyday use in our kitchens for over 60 years. Loved by chefs and home cooks alike, they are continuously refining their products to respond to the changing needs of the modern kitchen.


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