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Vamoosh Laundry Whitener – Twin Pack

£ 7.99

Makes white underwear white again.
Easy to use – just add to water and soak.
Ideal for bras, pants and lingerie.
Treat up to 6 garments at a time.
Two handwash treatments.

Vamoosh Laundry Whitener – Twin Pack

Product number: 46356

Most of use have at least one of these – sad, greying, they-were-white-once-honest bras, knickers, underwear or lingerie. You don’t want to throw them out because there’s plenty of wear left in them, but they’re a bit of an embarrassment, aren’t they? Well, give them a good soak in this miracle-working Laundry Whitener by Vamoosh and they’ll be back to their sparkling bright white best once again.

Easy to use

Not that you’d expect it to be rocket science, but it really is. Just fill a bowl with the hottest tap water, pop on a pair of rubber gloves, then add the contents of both sachets (the Activator and the Whitener) to the water. Stir to dissolve the powder, immediately add up to six off-white garments, and leave them for half an hour, stirring occasionally. Then rinse them out, and wash and dry them as normal.

You won’t need to use it every time you wash your underwear – just every so often when they’ve picked up little bits of dye and grime in your normal wash, and start to look a bit dingy again.

Suitable for use with septic tanks.

Please note: only designed for use on white garments – don’t use it on coloured ones as it will cause them to fade. Not suitable for silk. For hand washing only – don’t use in washing machines. Use in a well-ventilated room. You have been warned!

Two full treatments – treats up to 12 garments.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)
  • description Advice (PDF)

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