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Vamoose Kitchen Cleaner 750ml

£ 4.99

For sparkling kitchen surfaces.
‘Clingy’ foaming action.
Cuts through dirt and grease.
Minty fresh fragrance.
Eco-friendly recycled bottle.

Vamoose Kitchen Cleaner 750ml

Product number: 46285

A sparkling kitchen – no scrubbing required!

There’s nothing better than walking into your kitchen and being welcomed by gleaming sides and a fresh, clean scent… but the journey there isn’t always much fun. A customer favourite for years, our fast acting, tough-on-dirt Vamoose Kitchen Cleaner takes all the effort out of cleaning your kitchen, leaving behind a pleasant minty scent. Better still, our powerful cleaning formula now comes in recyclable bottles made from recycled plastic, so you can be tough on dirt yet kind to the environment.

Tough foaming action

Quickly and easily cutting through grease, oil, food spills and dirt, Vamoose Kitchen leaves your hard kitchen surfaces sparkling without scrubbing. Just spray it on tiles, sinks, worktops, stainless steel appliances and kitchen cabinets, and the foamy formula ‘clings’ – even on vertical surfaces – without running off as quickly as traditional sprays, so you can see exactly where you’ve sprayed. It gets to work instantly and all you need to do is it wipe it away to see the shine.

Minty fresh fragrance

A lot of kitchen cleaners leave an unpleasant chemically smell behind after use. Not Vamoose. Not only is it effective at getting all your surfaces sparkling, all it leaves behind is a subtle fresh fragrance, reminiscent of garden mint.

Suitable for use on enamel, plastic, paint, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic and granite surfaces.

Do not use on aluminium, marble, gold, brass or copper.

Eco-friendly packaging

We can get through a lot of bottles keeping our homes clean which, over time, takes its toll on the environment. We wanted to find a more eco-friendly solution, without compromising our high cleaning standards. So we’ve housed our customer-favourite, powerful cleaning formula in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic* which are also fully recyclable* once you’ve finished with them.
*Excluding the trigger spray.



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