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Urad Leather Shoe and Furniture Cleaner Paste 200g

£ 12.99

Urad Leather Cleaner is an amazing treatment for leather footwear, bags, furniture & clothing. Cleans & nourishes. Revives colour leaving a lasting shine. 200g tub

Urad Leather Shoe and Furniture Cleaner Paste 200g

Product number: 4780

Yes it will shine your shoes like never before, but Urad is much, much more than just a shoe polish. Cleaning, nourishing and shining all kinds of leather in one quick, easy application, we’ve been selling it for over 20 years, and that’s because it simply is the best – we’ve never found any other leather cleaner to beat it.

Cleans, feeds and nourishes

Shoes or boots, belts, bags, suitcases, jackets, furniture, leather car seats, even your pony’s tack… if it’s made of leather, a tiny amount of this super-speedy apply-and-leave cream will clean, condition, protect and polish all sorts of leather goods with no buffing required, bringing them up like new and helping them to last longer than you thought possible. Spotted a scuff on your footwear as you’re heading out to work? A miniscule amount of Urad will fix it in seconds flat and get your shoes shined no problem.

Rejuvenates old leather

Even damaged or dried-up leather can be revitalised with one or two quick applications*, so items you might have thought beyond redemption can be restored to almost mint condition. Our customers tell us that a few coats will even hide scratches they thought they’d have to live with forever… Just give leather a quick once-over with the sponge and leave the cream to dry for a short time – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Revives colour

Not only will it clean, feed and nourish all leathers, it revives their colour, restoring vibrancy to every shade and hue – there’s no need to spend ages trawling internet shoe shops to try and find the right shade of polish for your shoes or handbags – and it leaves a shine that lasts and lasts.

Polishes without buffing

Saving time and effort, Urad polishes leather goods to a lustrous shine while it cleans – in a fraction of time it takes with any other polish or balm. Of course, if buffing makes you feel as if you’ve done the job properly, feel free – just wait a few seconds for it to dry.

One tub goes a long way

One pot will last you a very long time, but we can recommend having more than one pot in the house, as they do seem to sneak away to places you might not expect as other family members find out just how good it is…

Applicator sponge included.

*Please note: if your leather item has got very dry while stored it may need a few applications of Urad before it recovers completely – but it will recover!

Contains no silicon, alcohol or petroleum-based products.

Product dimensions

200g, (650p per 100ml)

Useful documents

  • description Product Label (PDF)

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