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Umbra Sure-Lock Dry Bar Clothes Drying Rack

£ 17.99

In-shower clothes drying bar.
Easy to attach – no DIY required.
Rust-proof aluminium.
Provides up to 88cm of hanging space.
Holds up to 6.8kg .

Umbra Sure-Lock Dry Bar Clothes Drying Rack

Product number: 53285

Can you think of one of the most wasted spaces in your home? The bath – when you’re not in there, of course. That’s why Umbra have come up with this Sure-Lock Dry Bar Clothes Drying Rack, which will turn your shower cubicle or bath into an airer, and save you having to drape soggy clothes or towels all around your home.

Comprising a wall attachment and an aluminium bar, joined together by a ball and socket joint, this clever clothes drier requires not a jot of DIY to put up. Simply turn the lock to activate the vacuum seal between the suction pad and your bathroom wall, and it’ll stick fast, holding almost 7kg (that’s four wet towels or several shirts on wooden hangers). Lift up the rail and rest it on top of your shower curtain rod or shower cubicle frame to instantly create 88cm of hanging space. There’s a movable soft-touch section to help protect your shower curtain rod or frame and, once everything is dry, the rail simply drops down and hangs out of the way, so you can still grab a shower or enjoy that much-needed soak in the tub.

Before applying, the Sure-Lock suction cup needs to be clean and dry, and must be mounted on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as tiles or glass. The rod itself is made from rust-proof aluminium with a chrome finish, so even though you’ll be using it in a notoriously damp environment, it’ll stay looking its best.

About Umbra

Coming from the Latin word for ‘shade’, Umbra was founded almost 40 years ago when their Canadian founder Paul Rowan built his own window shade for his flat. Since then, Umbra have developed a multi-national team of designers who turn their impressive design nous to all manner of everyday items, offering modern-looking storage and washing-up solutions for all around the home.

Bar 91cm L.


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