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Umbra Flex Sure-Lock Suction Toilet Roll Holder with Shelf

£ 7.99

Sleekly styled toilet paper holder.
With little shelf for phones, glasses .
Sticks fast to smooth surfaces.
Easy to install, no DIY required.
15.5 x 10.5 x 8.5cm H.
5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Umbra Flex Sure-Lock Suction Toilet Roll Holder with Shelf

Product number: 63395

Hands up whose toilet roll holder isn’t quite in the right place? Too near, so you have to bend your arm into weird contortions to reach it, or even on the same wall as the toilet so you have to twist right round to snag the end. Well, Umbra’s Flex Sure-Lock Toilet Roll Holder won’t ever be in the wrong place, because you can position it exactly where you like on smooth surfaces like tiles.

It’s easy to fit, and reposition if you’ve not got it quite right the first time. There’s a little shelf on top, because smartphones in pockets have a nasty habit of slipping out at the wrong time, or you could use it to hold your glasses if you’re heading into the shower next. There’s enough space for jumbo-sized rolls of toilet paper and, if you want to use it just as a little shelf, the toilet roll holder part can be removed.

And, thanks to Sure-Lock technology, you really can trust it to stay put.

About the Umbra Flex Sure-Lock range

Sticking fast to smooth, shiny tiles, mirrors, glass and stainless steel thanks to super-strong suction cups, Umbra’s Sure-Lock range of bathroom storage will hold all your essentials within easy reach, exactly where you want them and, best of all, with no DIY required. Where they use more than one suction cup, they’re adjustable so you can position them to avoid grout lines in the shower which they won’t be able to stick to, and the whole range is sturdily made from plastic so there’s no risk of rust.

Just make sure the suction pads, and the place you’re sticking them, are clean and dry, position them where you want, then twist the Sure-Lock knobs clockwise to tighten and create a vacuum seal that gives a really tight, secure grip – so you can trust them not to go anywhere, even when they’re loaded up with your bathroom essentials.

5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Umbra

Coming from the Latin word for ‘shade’, Umbra was founded over 30 years ago when founder Paul Rowan built his own window shade for his flat. Since then, Umbra have turned their design nous to all manner of everyday items, offering modern-looking storage and washing-up solutions for all around the home.

15.5 x 10.5 x 8.5cm H.


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