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Umbra Flex Sure-Lock Suction Toilet Brush

£ 7.49

Easy-clean hygienic brush head.
Cleans hard-to-reach areas.
No-touch holder opens and closes automatically.
Can be wall-mounted or free-standing.
8.5 x 11.5 x 42.5cm L.
5-year manufacturer’s guarantee .

Umbra Flex Sure-Lock Suction Toilet Brush

Product number: 46354

A toilet brush that cleans where you need it to (including right under the rim), doesn’t hold on to any nasty bits and stores away neatly, out of sight, and without you having to touch its holder. Sold! If you need extra persuading, here are the details…

Cleans the parts other toilet brushes don’t reach

Resistant to stains and odours, and tough enough to withstand lots of scrubbing, the soft, rubberised bristles on the angled head come in four ‘cleaning zones’: bottom bristles that conform to the shape of the bowl, side bristles for scrubbing hard-to-reach spots, back bristles for cleaning under the rim, and a scraper at the front.

Holder opens and closes automatically

However hygienic their loo brush, nobody likes touching its holder, which is why this one automatically opens as you lift out the brush, and closes when you replace it, without you having to touch anything but the brush handle. And it comes with a suction cup, so you can either attach it firmly in place on the floor so it can’t be accidentally knocked over (an accident no one will want to clean up!). Or you can use the suction cup to stick it to the wall, so you don’t even have to touch it when you want to mop the bathroom floor.

Made to last

Traditional toilet brush bristles can fray and wear, or you end up with nasty rusty bits where they fix into the head. But this one’s ‘bristles’ are made from hard-wearing flexible TPR, and the chrome handle is rustproof. Which is probably why it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About the Umbra Flex Sure-Lock range

Sticking fast to smooth, shiny tiles, mirrors, glass and stainless steel thanks to super-strong suction cups, Umbra’s Sure-Lock range of bathroom storage will hold all your essentials within easy reach, exactly where you want them and, best of all, with no DIY required. Where they use more than one suction cup, they’re adjustable so you can position them to avoid grout lines in the shower which they won’t be able to stick to, and the whole range is sturdily made from plastic so there’s no risk of rust.][Just make sure the suction pads, and the place you’re sticking them, are clean and dry, position them where you want, then twist the Sure-Lock knobs clockwise to tighten and create a vacuum seal that gives a really tight, secure grip – so you can trust them not to go anywhere, even when they’re loaded up with your bathroom essentials.

About Umbra

Coming from the Latin word for ‘shade’, Umbra was founded almost 40 years ago when their Canadian founder Paul Rowan built his own window shade for his flat. Since then, Umbra have developed a multinational team of designers who turn their impressive design nous to all manner of everyday items, offering modern-looking storage and washing-up solutions for all around the home.

8.5 x 11.5 x 42.5cm L.


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