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Traditional Laundry Starch 500g

£ 6.99

Kershaw’s Traditional Laundry Starch for crisp shirts, sheets & table linen. For hand or machine washing. Simple to achieve soft or crisp finishes depending on preference

Traditional Laundry Starch 500g

Product number: 23486

It is hard to beat the feel of a freshly starched shirt, or slipping between sheets with substance. And table linen looks so much smarter when it’s got a bit of backbone.

Unfortunately, the traditional ‘mix with hot water’ starch seems to have disappeared without a trace. This absence from the laundry room explains why we received so many SOS (Save Our Starch) letters, campaigning for the return of crispness!

With the help of the Traditional Starch Company, we’ve come to the rescue with Kershaw’s Traditional Laundry Starch. Whether you choose to wash by hand or in the machine, freshly starched, extra crisp shirts and sheets can be yours and if you prefer a softer finish simply add more cold water. Trust in this laundry starch to restore order to laundry days.

Product dimensions

500g., (140p per 100g)

Useful documents

  • description Traditional Starch Label (PDF)

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