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Tatay Quick Suction Fix Wall Fixing System

£ 7.99

These suction pads and screws stick fast to flat surfaces and stay in place for months. Easy to attach, remove and reapply. Holds 5kg.

Tatay Quick Suction Fix Wall Fixing System

Product number: 62464

We’ve tested lots of so-called ‘stick fast’ suction cups over the years, and it’s hard to find ones that actually deliver on their ‘we’re going nowhere’ promise. But Tatay have cracked it with their Quick Fix System and it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to (or can’t) drill holes in their walls.

Why they stick around

Rather than relying on a single suction cup to hold them in place, the square pads are covered in lots of tiny ones, each of which seals fast to flat surfaces like tiles, glass, or plastic shower screens. So even if a few of these seals fail, there’ll be plenty more to take any strain. Which means that, once stuck down, they stay exactly where you put them.

How you use them

Designed for use with Tatay’s Ice Collection aluminium caddies, each pad has a central screw and comes with a matching nut. Simply mark the positions of your caddy’s hanging holes on the wall, attach the Quick Fix suction pads, then leave them for 24 hours (to allow the seal to form properly) before slotting the caddy into place and screwing on the nuts. And they’ll fit plenty of other caddy designs too – as long as the hanging holes can take screws 5mm wide.

Easy to attach, remove and reapply

If you decide to move your shower caddy, that’s easy too. Just remove the caddy, unpeel the pads from one corner to release the suction, then reposition them wherever you like. Each one can hold up to an incredible 5kg load – which is a lot (more than you could possibly need!) of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap…

Instructions included.

About Tatay

A Spanish family company originally founded in Barcelona in the 1930s to make stamped metal jewellery, Tatay expanded into manufacturing and has spent over 85 years developing innovative solutions for around the home, bathroom and garden, always with a focus on quality, design and respect for the environment.

Product dimensions

Each pad 7cm Sq. Each holds a 5kg load.


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