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Tall Cake Icing Spreader and Smoother

£ 4.99

Create a professional finish on large cakes with the Tall Cake Icing Spreader & Smoother. Smooths tall or wide cakes in one go for a flawless, professional finish.

Tall Cake Icing Spreader and Smoother

Product number: 73014

Baking a showstopper and want a flawless finish to your frosting? Extra tall (or wide) to cover the full height or width of bigger bakes, this helpful icing smoothing tool will give you perfectly professional, smooth, seamless results.

A Professional Finish

If you’re making a celebratory bake that’s a real labour of love, you don’t want to let it down with a disappointingly lumpy bumpy coating. There are plenty of icing scrapers, spreaders and smoothers out there that help achieve a professionally smooth finish, but at 25cm long, with a perfectly straight edge, this one is tall enough to finish off even the biggest bake with a single side-scraping swipe.

Flawless Frosting

It works a charm on any kind of spreadable cake covering you can think of – frosting, royal icing, buttercream, ganache – and there’ll be no tell-tale lines or seams halfway up your bake which smaller tools can leave behind. Even the edges of your cake can be finished to a sharp, crisp join and you’ll get the job done in double-quick time too.

The Perfect Cover

Ideal for crumb coatings on ‘naked’ cakes, it’s also great at smoothing out any slight ‘irregularities’ that might appear in the cake part of your bake. So if you’re preparing your bake to take super-smooth coatings of fondant icing, you’ll be sure to end up with a beautifully flat and flawless finish.

Easy to Use

Made from strong, durable, BPA-free plastic, it’s lightweight, easy to handle and is wide enough to get a firm grip, so you’ll be smoothing with an expert flourish in no time.

Product dimensions

9.5 x 25cm.


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