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Strucket Household Soaking System

£ 44.99

Household soaking bucket.
With internal draining basket.
To soak, separate and drain.
For laundry, toys and more.
External plug for easy draining.
19 litre.

Strucket Household Soaking System

Product number: 46364

The trouble with soaking things in a normal bucket is that you still have all that mucky water to pour away, then the inevitable wringing-out to do afterwards. Thank goodness then that some clever person came up with the Strucket, the genius all-in-one combination of strainer and bucket, complete with plug. It’s an idea so ingeniously simple that we’re kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first.

How it works

The Strucket is brilliant for anything you need to soak. With the strainer basket inside, fill the bucket with water and add cleaning solution, disinfectant or laundry agents, then pop in the things you want to soak. You can lift out the basket and give it a shake to agitate, then hook it in the elevated position to let the water drip into the bucket below. When you’re ready to empty, just pop the bucket over the sink and pull the external plug out. The water drains away so there’s no need to tip anything out and get splashed with dirty, unhygienic water or chemicals.

What’s it for?

Everything! You can disinfect sports equipment or pet toys, or soak delicates and stained clothing before they go in the machine. Parents will find it invaluable if they’ve opted for reusable nappies, and it’s really handy for sterilising baby equipment and toys. Kathryn from our Buying team used it to soak bath toys, building blocks and ball pool balls with a bit of steriliser, and found the straining and draining features really handy. It’s even helpful for washing fruit and veg after you’ve dug them up or bought them on your big shop, too.

Award-winning Australian design

Created by a mother of three from Australia’s Sunshine Coast, everything has been really well considered, from the useful handles to the notch to raise the basket, so it’s no wonder it won a Good Design Award. It’s BPA free, and even recyclable at the end of its life, not that you’ll be retiring it any time soon!

19 litre. Size when strainer inside bucket 30.5 x 20.5 x 22cm H.


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