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Steady Spin Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pad

£ 15.99

This inflatable anti-vibration pad helps to stop vibrations, movement and noise. Sits on top of your washing machine. Easy to set up. 40 x 40cm.

Steady Spin Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pad

Product number: 53269

You sit down with a nice cuppa and a good book, or your favourite TV show, and suddenly the whole house is shaking – earthquake? Nope… the washing machine has just reached its spin cycle. Thanks to the Steady Spin, you can finally enjoy your cuppa in peace. Easy to use with no heavy lifting or fitting involved, the Steady Spin sits on top of your machine underneath the countertop, absorbing the vibrations, reducing noise and stopping your machine from bouncing its way across the room!

Easy to use

While most washing machine anti-vibration mats go underneath your washing machine, requiring heavy lifting and awkward manoeuvring, the Steady Spin’s balloon-like structure sits snugly in the gap between your machine and the countertop, and it couldn’t be easier to set up.

Place the Steady Spin between your machine and your countertop, then squeeze the hand pump until the “balloon” fits snugly – tuck the pump away on top of the machine too, and you won’t even know it’s there, other than the fact that your home is beautifully peaceful and quiet.

Strong and durable

Made from strong and flexible TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), once pumped up, the Steady Spin won’t deflate, no matter how much your machine fights against it.

As seen on the Channel 4 TV show, Buy it Now.

Product dimensions

40cm Sq.


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