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SmartStore Recycling Bin Unit White – 76L

£ 89.99

Attractive storage for recycling.
Three bins inside to separate waste.
Recycled plastic with wooden lid.
Strong enough to sit or stand on.
57 x 38 x 42cm H.
10-year manufacturer’s guarantee .
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SmartStore Recycling Bin Unit White – 76L

Product number: 46368

Most recycling bins look exactly like recycling bins, but SmartStore’s attractive Recycling Bin Unit could be a bench, or a storage box, so it fits neatly and prettily wherever there’s space for it in your home. So if your kitchen’s a bit cramped, you can always put it in your hallway – and it’s so strongly made you can sit or even stand on it.

What you get

  • White outer box – sturdily made from recycled plastic.
  • Three grey inner recycling bins – with carry handles, so they’re easy to take outside to your main recycling bags or boxes.
  • One inner recycling bin lid – handy if you’re using one of the internal bins for something a bit smelly, like food waste.
  • Birch plywood lid with cut-out handle – helps the outer box hold its shape and turns it into an attractive storage unit.

Holds and hides your recycling

Nobody wants to leave their recycling out on display, or constantly be ferrying it to the bins outside. With three bins inside you can separate your plastics from your paper from your glass, or use one for compost if you like (the lid will stop smells escaping), until they’re full. Then you simply pull up the handles inside and carry them to where you can empty them.

And all the plastic parts are made from recycled polypropylene – which is fitting for a recycling bin!

Doubles as a bench, stool or storage box

Sleekly designed so it won’t look out of place anywhere in your home, it can always be used to store plenty of other things, like shoes, or toys, or bags. And it can withstand plenty of weight too, so if it ends up living in your hallway, you could always sit on it when you’re putting your shoes on.]

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Inner bins each 13 litre, 34 x 17.5 x 32cm H. Outer box 76 litre. Complete unit 57 x 38 x 42cm H.


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