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Shark WandVac Lightweight Pet 2-in-1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner WV362UKT

£ 199.99

Grab-and-go lightweight cordless vac for quick cleans.
Handheld and floor modes.
Ideal for homes with pets.
Powerful suction.
With Anti-Hair Wrap technology.
32 minutes’ cleaning on full charge**.

Shark WandVac Lightweight Pet 2-in-1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner WV362UKT

Product number: 46400

We love our furry friends but they do leave their hairy mark all over our homes, and sometimes it’s just too much bother to lug the big vacuum out, isn’t it? Well, with Shark’s cordless 2-in-1 Pet WandVac System, you won’t have to. Switching easily between handheld and floor modes, this powerful (it has two power modes including Boost) yet lightweight grab-and-go wand vacuum will easily take care of everyday dirt, dust, debris and other unexpected spills – and it comes with a motorised pet tool to easily remove that pesky pet hair from sofas and cushions, duvets and throws, car upholstery, and anywhere else you might happen to find it. And because this model also includes two batteries, you can keep cleaning for up to 32 minutes (16 minutes per battery) on a full charge.**

What you get

  • Main handheld unit
  • Motorised pet tool
  • Floorhead attachment
  • Multi-surface tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Extended reach wand
  • Spare battery

Handheld mode

In handheld mode, Shark’s WandVac System boasts more suction power than any other handheld vacuum under 1kg.* Pretty impressive, right? So it’s ideal for a quick and efficient whizz round on worktops, upholstery, stairs and in your car – and the included crevice tool and multi-surface tool mean you can get into all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies too.

Floor and wand modes

Cat litter on the carpet? Cake crumbs under your chair? Spotted a cobweb just out of reach? Your Shark WandVac System transforms into a wand vacuum – just clip the wand on to reach up high, and the floorhead attachment to get down low and you’re good to go.

Anti-Hair-Wrap technology

You can say goodbye to constantly stopping to untangle hair from the brush-roll too. Shark’s anti-hair-wrap technology (located in the floorhead attachment) removes hair from the brush-roll using a bristle guard and comb as you vacuum to keep it tangle-free – perfect for homes with furry friends.

Always charging

Keep your WandVac System stored on its charging base and it will always be ready to go when you need it. And because it comes with two batteries, you can charge one while you’re using the other to give up to 32 minutes’ (16 minutes per battery) cleaning time on a full 2 and a half-hour charge.**

Easy to empty

A single touch is all it takes to open the easy-empty dust cup, so you can empty it straight into your bin.

*In BOOST power mode tested to IEC 62885-2, cl 5.8

**When using double battery pack in ION power mode, with non-motorised tool.

Model No. WV362UKT

About Shark

A pioneer in innovative yet functional home-cleaning solutions, Shark’s aim is to provide modern homes with better and more efficient appliances that fit into our busy lives. A third generation family company with decades of experience, their parent company, Euro-Pro, originated in Europe, moved to Canada and are now based near Boston, Massachusetts. Their address may have changed, but their ethos has not… they’re still passionate about innovation, ease of use and competitive pricing with a comprehensive range including vacuums, sweepers, steam mops, floor cleaning solutions and accessories.

Product dimensions

Dust cup 250ml. 111cm H. in floor mode. 3kg. 11.1V.


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