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Scrubby Bottle Cleaning Brush with Squeegee

£ 4.99

Narrow brush head gets right into bottles.
Bristles scrub without scratching.
Soft-grip handle.
Squeegee removes water residue.
Dirt won’t stick to the easy-clean head.

Scrubby Bottle Cleaning Brush with Squeegee

Product number: 46164

It’s not always easy to clean bottles, jars and narrow vases with ordinary washing-up brushes, but the long, soft-grip handle and narrow head on the Scrubby Bottle Brush have been specially designed to do just that. And the addition of a handy squeegee means you can easily whisk away all the water residue from the sides too. Happy days!

Soft bristles clean without scratching

The soft, flexible bristles scrub your glassware clean without scratching, and because they’re made from TPR, they won’t shed or break or bend out of shape, so this handy cleaning brush will last you for many a washing-up session to come. And it’s easy to clean as well, because dirt won’t stick to the flexible bristles.

Easy squeegee

Even when you’ve scrubbed glassware thoroughly, there’s often water residue left behind – the Scrubby Bottle Brush has got that covered too, with an integrated squeegee that whisks away all that water to leave your glassware almost dry and sparkling.

Soft-grip handle

With a grippy handle that allows you to keep a firm hold as you scrub, it also has a hole in the end so you can hang it up when it’s not in use.

Please note: not suitable for use on aluminium, pewter, painted surfaces or chrome.


  • Non-stick friendly

Product dimensions

32cm L.


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