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Salter Stainless Steel Aquatronic Kitchen Scales

£ 19.99

Easy-to-use, ultra-slim kitchen scales.
Weighs both dry ingredients and liquids.
Clear, easy-read LCD display.
Add-and-weigh function for multiple ingredients.
Weighs up to 6kg in 1g increments.
15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Salter Stainless Steel Aquatronic Kitchen Scales

Product number: 26225

In attractive black with a generously sized, stainless steel weighing platform, the Salter Stainless Steel Square Aquatronic Scale is the ideal companion for any baker, offering quality and accuracy at an affordable price.

With its Aquatronic feature, this smart scale can measure liquids as well as dry ingredients, and has a clever add-and-weigh function so you can add multiple ingredients onto the square-shaped stainless steel platform or into your bowl. Both functions are easily accessed using the buttons on the front of the scale.

With a clear LCD display, it’s easy to read your measurements and ensure you get the right amount every time, and measuring up to 6kg in 1g, 13lb in 1/8oz, 6l in 1ml and 210 fl oz in 1/8fl oz increments, it will cater for your every weighing and measuring need.

After use, it can be simply wiped clean, and its ultra-slim body ensures it takes up as little storage space as possible, making it a great scale for a starter cook or a new home.

15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Salter

Founded in 1760 in the village of Bilston, England, Salter have over 250 years of experience in designing precision scales. Today they are still the UK’s leader in manufacturing kitchen and bathroom scales, having developed with the times and incorporated the latest technology into their designs. Their current range of electric and mechanical kitchen scales ensures home bakers can rely on precise weighing to achieve perfect results when cooking and baking.

Battery included.

Product dimensions

16 x 18 x 2cm H.


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