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Salter Loud Electronic Timer with Three Volume Settings 355 BKXCDU

£ 16.99

Do you over cook food? Fear not, this easy to read kitchen timer from salter has 3 volume settings and intuitive buttons. Magnetic or free-standing.

Salter Loud Electronic Timer with Three Volume Settings 355 BKXCDU

Product number: 26362

We’ve all done it – wandered out of the kitchen and not heard the timer go off, only to return to the cooker ten minutes after time was up and find that your rice has boiled dry or your sponge cake is beyond edible and firmly baked onto the tin… With an extra-loud beep (hurrah!) to alert you that time’s up, Salter’s Loud Electronic Timer will help prevent any more over-cooked dinner disasters.]

Loud beep with three volume settings

Once dinner’s in the oven it’s all too easy to get distracted by other things; you nip upstairs to put something away, find yourself absorbed in a TV programme, or the washing machine’s so loud you can’t hear anything else over it. So the solution-finding folk at Salter made their loud timer with not just one, but three volume settings, including one that’s really loud, so can be sure you’ll hear the beeps even if you’re in another room when they sound.

Extra-long countdown time

As well as counting down, this helpful kitchen timer also has a count up stopwatch option – right up to an incredible 19 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds for either way; after all, it’s often the slow-cooked in-the-oven-for-hours meals that are easiest to lose track of.][{Easy-read digital display}][In addition to having a big stop/start button, the large digital screen is really clear and easy to read, and setting the times and volume is straightforward too.

Magnetic or freestanding

With integrated magnets at the back, you can choose to pop the timer on the fridge so it’s right at eye-level, or it can be used self-standing on a flat surface, whatever’s most convenient for you.

Model No. 355 BKXCDU

About Salter

Founded in 1760 in the village of Bilston, England, Salter have over 250 years of experience in designing precision scales. Today they are still the UK’s leader in manufacturing kitchen and bathroom scales, having developed with the times and incorporated the latest technology into their designs. Their current range of electric and mechanical kitchen scales ensures home bakers can rely on precise weighing to achieve perfect results when cooking and baking.

Product dimensions

8 x 3 x 6cm H. 2 x AA batteries included.


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