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Salter Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales

£ 39.99

Attractive, eco-friendly kitchen scales.
92% sustainably grown bamboo.
Rechargeable via included USB cable.
Easy-to-read backlit LCD display.
Weighs up to 5kg (11lb), 5 litres (175 fl oz).
15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Salter Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales

Product number: 26554

It shouldn’t be possible to get this excited by something that exists solely to weigh ingredients, but Salter’s Bamboo Kitchen Scales are just so well designed, and eco-friendly, and – not that we want to sound shallow – really, really good-looking.

Crafted from 92% eco-friendly bamboo

Completely natural, fast-growing and renewable, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials around, and 92% of these scales are made from it, making them a much more eco-friendly choice than most plastic-heavy scales. Bamboo is also stronger than most woods, so it lasts and lasts, and when these food scales eventually come to the end of their life, the bamboo part is fully recyclable.

USB rechargeable battery

There are no difficult-to-dispose of batteries either. Instead, there’s a rechargeable battery inside, and a USB recharging cable included, so you won’t ever have to worry about buying and then disposing of replacement batteries.

Weighing things up

A lovely compact size, they still have all the handy features you’d expect from Salter:

  • A backlit LCD display for easy reading.
  • Add & Weigh function, which makes it easy to ‘zero’ the weight and measure all your ingredients in the same bowl, without having to use any mental arithmetic.
  • Aquatronic function, so you can weigh wet as well as dry ingredients.
  • Choose between metric and imperial measurements to suit the recipe you’re following – just press the ‘unit’ button to switch.
  • Precision results – they weigh dry ingredients up to 5kg in 1g increments, or 11lb in 1/10 oz increments; and liquids up to 5 litres in 1ml increments or 175 fluid ounces in 1/10 fl oz.

15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Salter

Founded in 1760 , Salter’s current range of electric and mechanical kitchen scales ensures home bakers can rely on precise weighing to achieve perfect results when cooking and baking, and they also use their expertise to create a range of super-efficient salt and pepper mills and kitchen timers.

About bamboo

Technically a grass, bamboo shares many of the properties of wood. Fast-growing and unfussy about where it grows, bamboo is the ultimate sustainable wood source, growing to maturity in just three to six years and providing a steady income to its growers – so it’s a great alternative to traditional, slow-growing timbers which can take decades to mature.

16.5 x 21.5 x 2cm H.


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