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Sage The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo SPZ820BSS

£ 699.99

Countertop pizza oven.
Reaches 400°C for crispy pizza in 2 minutes.
Cooks homemade and shop-bought pizzas.
7 preset settings, from frozen to ‘wood-fired’.
Crust darkness selection.
47 x 27 x 46cm H. 2350W.

Sage The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo SPZ820BSS

Product number: 61771

Are you a serious pizza fan? Love the classic wood-fired, ‘leopard-spotted’, char-based Neapolitan? Then you need the Sage Pizzaiolo. This fantastic piece of kit is the first domestic countertop oven to hit a staggering 400°C, so you can be enjoying delicious crispy pizza in just 2 minutes. Mamma mia!

A brick pizza oven for your kitchen – well, almost

Brick ovens deliver three types of heat – conductive, radiant and convective – to create the ideal environment for pizzas, but being large and slow-to-heat, they’re not always practical. With Sage’s Pizzaiolo, there’s no need to build a huge brick pizza oven in your garden to get amazing pizza – this game-changing electric countertop oven replicates brick-oven heat for cooking ‘wood-fired’ style pizza at home in your own kitchen. Developed over 4 years, it reaches a scorchingly high temperature of 400°C and features intelligent heat distribution, so it perfectly cooks every type of pizza from frozen shop-bought to home-made.

Element iQ System

The Pizzaiolo features Sage’s Element iQ System for intelligent heat distribution, which delivers three types of heat – conductive, radiant and convective – to ensures that your pizza is cooked in the ideal environment for the perfect result. This clever system, along with its built-in sensors, delivers just the right amount of heat to the pizza, so each part of the pizza is cooked to perfection. Not sure what that means? It’s simple: the radiant heat cooks your pizza evenly and gives a ‘leopard-spotted’ crust; the conductive heat cooks the pizza base evenly while controlling the amount of flavourful char on the base; and the convective heat protects your toppings from the powerful heat to ensure they’re baked without burning. Is your mouth watering yet?

Cook how you want

It’s easy to cook the type of pizza you want, thanks to the Style dial – this allows you to choose from the 7 pre-set options, including ‘Wood Fired’, New York, Pan, Thin & Crispy, and Frozen, as well as two manual heat settings, 160°C and 400°C. It’s ideal for anyone who loves making their own pizzas and toppings, but it can also cook shop-bought pizzas too, thanks to the Frozen setting, and you can use the variety of settings to cook other food such as flat bread, veg and much more. You can also set the countdown timer to adjust the cooking time for your pizza, and choose the colour of your pizza crust with the Darkness dial.

Attractive design

This smart and sleek stainless steel machine looks just like a normal countertop oven and takes up a lot less room than a proper brick oven. It features a deck-to-door design, with a cooking platform that moves the pizza closer to the elements when you close the door, and moves the pizza back towards you when you open it, making it easy to load and unload. And you can watch the progress of your pizza through the viewing window too. Simply plug it in, select your setting and wait for your delicious, crispy pizza.

Model no. SPZ820BSS

About Sage

Sage are expert at designing kitchen appliances with cleverly integrated functions to take the stress out of cooking. Their range of smart appliances, which includes kettles, toasters, and blenders, through to their ice cream maker and microwaves, has been exactingly considered to give you perfect results every time, all at the push of a button. Whether it’s prepping, boiling, whisking, whipping, grilling, cooking and baking, thanks to Sage, cooking has never been so easy.

Each appliance is easy to use, with straightforward controls that do all the thinking for you to give precise results every time. Their impressive range of appliances also come with recipes, hints and tips which help you get the most from your tea-maker, coffee machine or bread maker. The Sage range is an advanced, high-spec collection that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

47 x 27 x 46cm H. 15kg. 1975-2350W.

Useful documents

  • description Product Manual (PDF)
  • description Recipe Cards (PDF)
  • description More Recipe Cards (PDF)

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