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Sage The Precision Brewer Coffee Machine SDC450BSS

£ 249.99

Perfectly brew filter coffee with the Sage Precision brewer (SDC450BSS). Exclusive 3 year guarantee. 6 programmed brewing modes.

Sage The Precision Brewer Coffee Machine SDC450BSS

Product number: 31911

If you know your filter coffee, you know how you like it. And thanks to all the preset programmes and adjustable options provided by the Sage Precision Brewer coffee machine, you can now make it exactly the way you like it, every time, no matter what strength or style you fancy.

Craft filter coffee, exactly the way you like it

Want coffee brewed to a particular temperature, strength or specifically to make cold-brewed coffee drinks? Or just want to brew your favourite blend to suit your personal taste? Then you’ve come to the right place. Sage’s Precision Brewer is the first 1.8 litre drip filter coffee machine with the precision to automatically brew craft filter coffee, so you get the brew you want with the minimum amount of prep

Six pre-programmed brewing modes

The Precision Brewer’s unique brewing modes put complete customisation and fine-tuned control at your fingertips. There’s no faff and no fuss – just add ground coffee and water as required and select your setting to deliver your favourite cup automatically. Brewing modes are:

  • Fast – perfect when you’re in a hurry, letting you brew up to 12 cups (1.8 litre) in under 7 minutes.
  • Gold – automatically brews precisely balanced, ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Centre) certified quality coffee.
  • Strong – adjusts brew settings to higher temperatures and increased contact time to produce an intense coffee hit.
  • My Brew – gives you total control over all the brewing variables – bloom time, water temperature and flow rate – for a customised coffee to suit your personal taste.
  • Cold Brew – creates a rich, more developed flavour. This setting takes between 4-14 hours, so we recommend you run this program overnight
  • Pour Over – ideal for longer, hotter summer days, it creates a more concentrated brew that tastes great when poured over ice. A separate adaptor (available from Sage) is required to achieve this.

Other Features

There’s an Auto Start button that lets you choose when to start brewing in advance, a Child-Lock safety feature and an adjustable standby setting so you can select how quickly your machine enters standby mode after use. To help extract the optimum flavour from your blend, there’s the option of using a cone-shaped filter when brewing 2-8 cups, and either the mesh basket filter or the flat bottom brew basket with a paper filter when brewing more than 8 cups. Because the hardness of your water can affect the taste of your brew, there’s an adjustable water hardness setting – just use the included test strip to select the right level – and the dual-walled, brushed stainless steel carafe keeps your coffee hot for longer once it’s brewed.


  • Flat bottom paper filters (starter pack of 10).
  • Coffee measuring scoop.

About the Sage Range

Sage are expert at designing kitchen appliances with cleverly integrated functions to take the stress out of cooking. Their range of smart appliances, which includes kettles, toasters, and blenders, through to their ice cream maker and microwaves, has been exactingly considered to give you perfect results every time, all at the push of a button. Whether it’s prepping, boiling, whisking, whipping, grilling, cooking and baking, thanks to Sage, cooking has never been so easy.

Each appliance is easy to use, with straightforward controls that do all the thinking for you to give precise results every time. Their impressive range of appliances also come with recipes, hints and tips which help you get the most from your tea-maker, coffee machine or bread maker. The Sage range is an advanced, high-spec collection that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

Product dimensions

1.8 litre. 32 x 17 x 40cm H. 4.6kg. Flex 1m. 1650W.

Useful documents

  • description The Precision Brewer Instructions (PDF)

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