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Sage The Fresh and Furious Blender SBL620SIL

£ 199.99

Sage’s fresh & furious blender delivers amazing blending performance with its powerful 1300W motor. Free P&P & returns. Exclusive 3 year guarantee.

Sage The Fresh and Furious Blender SBL620SIL

Product number: 62603

It’s all in the name – designed to blitz fresh fruit and veg to a smooth finish, Sage’s sleek Fresh & Furious Blender delivers amazing blending performance, thanks to its powerful motor, generous 1.5 litre Tritan jug and efficient Kinetix blade and bowl system. With five speeds and one-touch programmes for green smoothies, auto pulse/ice crush and fruit smoothies, this sleek and versatile machine powers through whatever you throw at it, while letting you fine-tune every recipe for the very best results.

Multifunctional blending and processing tasks

Incredibly versatile, the Fresh & Furious combines the functionality of a powerful blender with that of a food processor, making short work of everything from chopping and mixing fruit and vegetables, to crushing and chopping ice into snow, and folding and aerating for creamy smoothies, soups and sauces.

Kinetix blending performance for consistent results

The Kinetix blade and bowl system is designed to get the best results every time – the contoured interior base of the jug ensures that lumps have nowhere to hide, while the blades whip up from below and pull down from the top to keep your ingredients moving around the jug, so everything is blended evenly and smoothly. The blades are made of surgical-grade stainless steel to ensure they stay sharper for longer, while the blade design combined with the high torque motor deliver quiet and efficient blending.

One-touch controls

Giving you complete control over your blending, the blender has 8 one-touch controls including five speed settings – Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree and Liquify – so you can choose the one that suits the task at hand, making it great for whizzing up pesto, dips and salad dressings, as well as soups, sauces and cocktails, while three pre-programmed buttons for Smoothie, Green Smoothie and Auto Pulse/Ice Crush make it super-simple to blend your preferred ingredients into the silkiest of smoothies, or give ice cubes a quick blast to turn it into cocktail-ready crushed ice.

LCD display

The LCD display is clear and easy to read, counting up on speed settings and down for the pre-programmed settings, so you can see how long your blends have left to go.

Built to last

Designed by Sage to go the distance, it boasts a shatterproof Tritan jug, super-strong stainless steel blades and a heavy-duty metal base, while the Sage Assist lid features a unique ring-pull design that makes it easy to remove yet ensures it stays sealed during blending.

Other features

BPA-free Tritan jug graduated up to 1.5 litres or 6 cups.

One-touch Auto-clean function.

Model No. SBL620SIL.

About Sage

Sage are expert at designing kitchen appliances with cleverly integrated functions to take the stress out of cooking. Their range of smart appliances, which includes kettles, toasters, and blenders, through to their ice cream maker and microwaves, has been exactingly considered to give you perfect results every time, all at the push of a button. Whether its prepping, boiling, whisking, whipping, grilling, cooking and baking, thanks to Sage, cooking has never been so easy.
Each appliance is easy to use, with straightforward controls that do all the thinking for you to give precise results every time. Their impressive range of appliances also come with recipes, hints and tips which help you get the most from your tea-maker, coffee machine or bread maker. The Sage range is an advanced, high-spec collection that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

Product dimensions

Jug capacity 1.5 litre. 20 x 19 x 46cm H. 4.1kg. Flex 118cm. 1300W.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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