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Replacement Filter for Blueair 3410 Air Purifier

£ 42.99

Maintain the Blueair 3410 air purifier with our replacement filters, removing up to 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, viruses and bacteria.

Replacement Filter for Blueair 3410 Air Purifier

Product number: 46397

Made to fit the Blueair 3410 Air Purifier, this Replacement Filter is designed to help eliminate almost every pollutant floating around the room.

HEPASilen Filtration Technology removes particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, allergens, mould spores, bacteria, even some viruses (ones down to 0.1 micrometres; some of them are even smaller than that); and the activated carbon takes care of gaseous pollutants like smoke, exhaust fumes, VOCs, odours and airborne chemicals.

The structure of the filter traps even tiny particles, and also helps to prevent clogging so your purifier can go on cleaning the air, while the fibres inside are naturally antibacterial to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.

Easy to change

When the built-in LED glows red, it’s time to remove your old filter and replace it with this one, and you’ll find easy-to-follow step-by-step diagrams and instructions on the box.

Polypropylene fibres with activated carbon mesh.

About Blueair

Blueair was born on a rock in the Swedish archipelago in 1996. Engineer Bengt Rittri took a deep breath and thought: “What if everyone, everywhere in the world, could experience this feeling?”. Since then, Blueair has become the world leader in air purifying technology, providing perfectly clean air to people in over 60 countries. And they continue innovating to reach their final goal: clean air for everyone, everywhere.


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Product dimensions

26cm Dia. x 32.5cm H.


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