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Renshaw Chocolate Ganache 350g

£ 3.99

Versatile, delicious chocolate ganache.
Quick, easy, tasty way to decorate cakes.
Heat to fill tarts or make a drip cake.
Ready to use straight from the tub.
Suitable for vegetarians.

Renshaw Chocolate Ganache 350g

Product number: 63236

Used straight from the tub or heated up first, Renshaw’s Chocolate Ganache is a super-versatile way to finish off cakes and desserts. And it’s made with real Belgian chocolate, so it tastes utterly delicious too.

Whip it up to top cupcakes or fill cakes and give them a richly decadent, chocolatey finish. Or heat it in a microwave and use it to fill tarts for an instant dessert, or pour over the top of a cake to create a glossy coat, or drizzle down the sides to create a drip cake. You can also use it to make truffles straight from the pot – just add your favourite coating to finish.

About Renshaw

Helping us all create celebration cakes for generations, Liverpool-based company Renshaw have over 100 years’ experience of developing ready to roll icing, marzipan, frostings, caramel and mallows. Established in 1898 they pride themselves on their local workforce and also hold a Royal Warrant, having first been granted one by George VI back in 1950.



  • Suitable for vegetarians

Useful documents

  • description Instructions for Use (PDF)

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