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rCUP Recycled Coffee Cup – Black and Teal 340ml

£ 11.99

Which? best buy recycled coffee cup from rCup. Made using recycled cups with one-touch open close. Double-walled insulation. Dishwasher safe.

rCUP Recycled Coffee Cup – Black and Teal 340ml

Product number: 62044

For coffee lovers and tea addicts alike, this handsome Black and Teal rCUP with its leakproof lid and insulated walls is just perfect for carrying your favourite brew to work – and for saving a few pennies at coffee shops while you help to save the planet from single-use plastic.

Made from single-use coffee cups

The subtly textured body makes the cup easy to hold onto, while the specks of colour show off the story of its upcycled past… The recycled body of each rCUP has prevented at least six single-use coffee cups from going to landfill, and the contrasting teal lid is made from a mix of recycled and new polypropylene to create a super-smooth surface that’s easy to sip from.

Drink from any part of the rim

Brilliantly, its clever lid opens centrally under the domed ‘button’ so you can put your lips to any part of the rim to sip without having to hunt for the little drinking hole. And it can be opened or closed with the press of a finger, so you can enjoy and reseal your brew one-handed – perfect if your other hand is otherwise occupied holding a bag or strap-hanging on the Tube. And if you’ve stashed it in your coat pocket or handbag while you wrestle with tickets, you don’t have to worry about leakages – provided you’ve pressed it shut!


The thick, double-lined walls keep your drink warm for up to 90 minutes – hopefully long enough to get you from your front door or coffee shop to the office – so it’s perfect for the daily commute.
For easy cleaning at the end of the day, rCUPs can be popped into the dishwasher.

About the rCUP’s makers

The rCUP has been designed and made by ashortwalk, a British company that specialises in turning waste into useful new products. They don’t believe in sending waste to landfill, so they strive to repurpose redundant materials, turning used single-use coffee cups and plastics into clocks, flowerpots and reusable coffee cups and making it easy for all of us to join the upcycling revolution.


  • Dishwasher safe

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