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Ravioli Maker Stamp Press Set – 1 Square 1 Round

£ 6.99

Perfect for making home-made ravioli. Two sturdy cast aluminium stamps. 1 square and 1 round. Leaves an attractive crimped edge. With comfortable handles.

Ravioli Maker Stamp Press Set – 1 Square 1 Round

Product number: 73383

Ravioli the easy way! Roll out your pasta, add the filling, then cover with another layer of pasta before cutting with these sturdy cast aluminium Ravioli Stamps.

Perfect for home-made ravioli

Ravioli is one of the simplest kinds of fresh pasta to make from scratch, and these ravioli maker stamps are the perfect tool to get you started. There’s one round and one square stamp in the set, so you can choose the shape of your little pasta parcels as well as the filling. Made from sturdy cast aluminium with a large, comfortable plastic handle for easy pressing, each stamp leaves an attractive crimped edge and is strongly built for years of parcelling pasta.

Stamp it out!

To make ravioli at home, first roll out a thin sheet of home-made pasta dough – a pasta machine is best for this, but you can do it by hand if you fancy a workout. Divide and shape your filling into balls and space them out evenly along the sheet, covering with another thin sheet of pasta when you’re done. Gently press the pasta around your fillings, then use either the round or square stamp to press out and seal your shapes, ready for cooking and devouring – delizioso!

Flavour-packed parcels

Once you’ve mastered the knack, you’ll soon be creating batch after batch of square or round pillows of pasta with authentic crimped edges, filled with whatever your heart – and stomach – desires. Spinach and ricotta; butternut squash and blue cheese; lobster and prawn; crab and lemon zest; spicy Italian sausage – the combinations are almost endless.

Other features

Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

Cook’s tip: lightly flour the stamps before use to help prevent sticking.


  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

Round approx. 5.5cm Dia. Square approx. 6cm Sq.


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