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Purus Long-Handled Bottle Brush

£ 4.99

Cleaning brush for glasses, vases and carafes.
Made from 100% renewable materials.
Comfy beechwood handle.
Bio-based plastic bristles.
34.5cm long.
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Purus Long-Handled Bottle Brush

Product number: 46350

Champagne flutes, wine glasses, bottles with narrow necks, carafes… they can all be tricky to clean with an ordinary brush. Happily, the Swiss-made Purus Bottle Brush is no ordinary brush. Specifically designed with a long, thin handle and soft yet effective bristles, it will make the job a doddle. And even better, it’s made from 100% renewable materials, from its sustainably sourced FSC beechwood handle to its bio-based plastic bristles, which are derived from castor oil rather than mineral oil, a much more sustainable solution. No ink has been used either, as the logo has been lasered on.

Effective cleaning

Green credentials are all very well but is it up to the job of successfully cleaning your glasses, vases and carafes? We’re happy to say it is. The long handle and soft-cut bristles, including some smaller bristles on the tip, mean it will get right into all those hard-to-reach places to get your glasses squeaky clean without scratching. And when you’re done, it has a hole in the end for hanging it up. Got pots and pans to clean too? There’s also a Purus Dish Brush available – they make a lovely matching pair.

34.5cm L.


  • Non-stick friendly

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