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PME Reusable Premium Icing Bag 35cm

£ 5.99

This long lasting and split resistant reusable premium icing bag is ideal for royal icing and buttercream. Great alternative for single-use bags. Dishwasher safe. 35cm.

PME Reusable Premium Icing Bag 35cm

Product number: 32118

A larger-than-usual piping bag for larger-than-usual icing jobs, PME’s 35cm Reusable Icing Bag is just what you need for piping buttercream onto celebration cakes or topping off a large batch of cupcakes, and it’s so robust it’ll see you through bake after bake after bake.

Reusable alternative to disposable icing bags

If you don’t want all the waste of use-one-and-throw-away disposable piping bags, this is a great alternative. Made from high-quality polyester with welded seams for added strength, it’s designed to last, resistant to splitting, and easy to clean between jobs – just pop it in the dishwasher. And it’s not just for royal icing and buttercream – you can also use it to decorative effect when piping choux pastry, mashed potato and cookie dough.

About Knightsbridge PME

Since securing contracts with the British Army Catering Corps in 1970 to manufacture their cake decorating supplies – yes, soldiers eat cakes too! – London-based PME (Precision Machining Engineers) have focused their engineering expertise on producing high-quality cake decorating equipment. A merger with the Knightsbridge Bakeware Centre followed, and they now run several highly respected cake decorating schools around the world, in addition to creating innovative, durable cake decorating products.


  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

35cm L.


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