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Perfobake 23cm Perforated Round Pie Tin

£ 10.99

PerfoBake Perforated 23cm Round Pie Tin. Cook sweet & savoury pies to perfection! Perforations ensure improved air flow for better results & non-stick for easy release.

Perfobake 23cm Perforated Round Pie Tin

Product number: 19665

Make you own perfectly baked pie, with PerfoBake’s 23cm Round Pie Tin, ideal for serving up a hearty treat for you and your family. With PerfoBake’s innovative design, this pie tin helps give you consistent and superior results, making your pies, sweet or savoury, taste better every time.

If you are looking for some initial inspiration, why not try our recipe for Chicken and Leek Pie, which we made in one of these tins.

About Our PerfoBake Bakeware

Following on from the success of our silicone PerfoBake range and knowing that there are times when only a ‘proper’ tin will do, we were delighted to locate this revolutionary range of bakeware made from high quality, non-stick coated carbon steel.

The multitude of perforations all over these tins allow for really even cooking, and mean you can get pastry incredibly thin without it breaking, ensuring your baking will never be accused of a soggy bottom – you’ll be renowned for crisp pastries and crusty loaves in no time at all.

This range of bakeware is also coated in non-stick, allowing for easy food release when it comes to serving, as well as easy cleaning when you’ve finished enjoying your creations.

For added convenience, these tins are oven safe up to 250°C, as well as suitable to go in the freezer, and dishwasher for easier cleaning when you’ve finished.


  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

23cm Dia. x 5cm H.


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