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Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Pepper Corns 200g

£ 10.99

200g of the finest black peppercorns. Organically grown, hand picked & sun dried in Wynad, India. Presented in handy cloth storage bag.

Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Pepper Corns 200g

Product number: 62205

All the way from the Wynad plateau of Kerala in India comes the finest black pepper money can buy. Once you’ve sampled it, we guarantee you won’t be going back to supermarket brands. Suitable for vegetarians.

Peppercorns are the fruit of the vine ‘piper nigrum’, and are generally picked between January and March, when it is harvested green and dried in the sun. However, unlike any other pepper on the market, Vishnu’s family let the berries ripen on the vine naturally, which along with several other factors – only natural water buffalo and cow manure composts are used – makes Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Pepper the best pepper in India, if not the world.

This process does make the pepper berries more difficult and time consuming to collect, but it is worth the extra effort due to the intensity of flavour unmatched by the green. Due to the trickier nature of the collection though, it is in short supply and therefore comes as limited batches.

It is single estate, organic, ripened on the vine, hand picked and sundried before being graded, cleaned and packed by hand to be shipped direct from Cochin.


  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for vegans

Product dimensions

200g. , (250p per 100g.)

Useful documents

  • description Ingredients / Allergens (PDF)

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