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Panasonic Gunmetal Grey Automatic Breadmaker SD-YR2540HXC

£ 239.99

New horizontal design.
New manual modes.
32 programmes including sourdough.
Even makes cakes and jams.
4 gluten-free programmes.
41 x 25 x 36cm H.

Panasonic Gunmetal Grey Automatic Breadmaker SD-YR2540HXC

Product number: 32821

Love bakery-quality, home-made bread, but don’t fancy all the time-consuming kneading and proving? We’ve got good news – Panasonic’s clever Gunmetal Grey Bread Maker is here to do all the hard work for you – leaving you to simply enjoy the delicious results. With a new sleek horizontal design and a space-saving flush lid, it will take up minimal space on your worktop too, leaving you plenty of room to work.
With a sleek new horizontal design, and two new features, baking your own bread and more has never been easier. Manual modes mean you can make your bread and cakes exactly how you like by entering the kneading and rising modes. And if you love the smell and taste of fresh bread but struggle for time, this versatile machine has a dedicated bread mix with yeast mode to speed things up. Just add water to your bread mix and the machine does the rest so you can get on with other things. Simple.

32 programmes

With an impressive 32 pre-set programmes for you to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to create your favourite kind of doughy goodness. Whether you like a standard white, a tangy sourdough or a sweet brioche, all you have to do is add your ingredients. But if that still sounds a bit too much like hard work, Panasonic have included a new bread mix programme, so you don’t even need to worry about gathering the right ingredients – just chuck your mix in, leave and enjoy the results. There are also pre-set programmes for making pizza dough, jam and cake. So that’s breakfast, dinner and dessert sorted! And with 4 dedicated gluten-free programmes – bread, pizza dough, cake and pasta – no one needs to miss out.

Manual setting

Want to go rogue? If you fancy creating artisanal delights in different shapes and sizes, the manual setting allows you to use the machine for mixing, kneading, proving and even fermenting when making sourdough (the hard bits), leaving you to do the fun shaping and baking – and eating.

Bread mixes with yeast setting

Don’t want to go to the trouble of mixing ingredients? Then don’t – the bread mix programme means you can just add a pre-mixed recipe, pour in water, press the button to start and wait for your perfectly baked loaf.

Yeast dispenser

The intelligent yeast dispenser, unique to the Panasonic bread maker, automatically adds yeast to the baking pan at exactly the right moment during the mixing cycle, preventing the yeast from touching any liquids and ensuring your bread rises as it should for a perfect loaf.

Raisin/nut dispenser

There’s no need to worry about getting the timing of adding extra ingredients right, this clever machine will do it for you. If you like your bread with a little something extra in it, there’s a separate dispenser for raisins, chopped nuts, olives, dried fruit – whatever you fancy. Simply place the extra ingredients in the tray in the lid, and the machine will take care of the rest.

Double sensors

This clever machine has two sensors which can gauge both the room temperature and its own internal temperature, and the programme will then adjust and control the timings for fermentation, rising and resting so you will get perfect results every time.

Artisan-style kneading

Panasonic have equipped this bread maker with an innovative kneading blade, which has specially placed ribs to replicate the kneading techniques of an artisan baker.

No more sticky situations

The bread pan and kneading blade are diamond fluro-coated – the diamond particles are twice as tough and scratchproof compared to conventional pans, so your bread will come out cleanly, with no sticky bits left behind.

Variable crust colour and loaf sizes

You don’t always want a big loaf, so you can choose from three different loaf sizes to suit. And if you’re particular about the colour of your loaf, you can adjust that too.

Delay start timer

Want to wake up to a freshly baked loaf? Just add your ingredients, set the timer (up to 13 hours in advance) and your fresh bread will be ready when you are.

About Panasonic bread makers

Get the high-quality results you want with every loaf of bread. Panasonic has been delivering consistent bread making perfection for over 34 years, with products that have been continuously enhanced and improved based on their extensive experience.

41 x 25 x 36cm H. 7.5kg. Flex 100cm. 505-550W.

Useful documents

  • description Panasonic Automatic Breadmaker Instructions (PDF)

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