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Ooni Aluminium Perforated Pizza Peel 30cm

£ 54.99

Sliding homemade pizza in and out of your pizza oven is much simpler with the Ooni perforated pizza peel. Suitable for pizzas up to 12". 3 Year guarantee.

Ooni Aluminium Perforated Pizza Peel 30cm

Product number: 73874

Got an Ooni oven at home? If your answer’s yes, then A) you lucky thing. And B) you need a pizza peel. Making it easy to slide your home-made pizza in and out of a scorching hot Ooni oven, as well as give it those all-important turns while it cooks, this perforated peel makes cooking perfect pizzas a doddle. Plus, using it makes us feel a bit like professional pizzaiolos… well, we can pretend, can’t we.

Perforated aluminium blade

Made from aluminium with a comfortable-to-hold reinforced nylon handle, Ooni’s lightweight pizza peel has a hyper-smooth surface and a tapered edge, so there’s no shimmying it about to get it to glide under your pizza. Plus, all the perforations allow excess flour to fall away and steam to evaporate for a crisp base every time.

Use your loaf

Not just for pizza, you can also use this lightweight peel for launching and retrieving your home-made loaves from the oven without getting too near the heat.

Suitable for use with all Ooni pizza ovens.

About Ooni

Fun, sociable and easy to use, Ooni pizza ovens were invented by a passionate outdoor cook, Kristian Tapaninaho, who couldn’t find an affordable wood-fired pizza oven anywhere. It had to be a premium, wood-fired oven that didn’t cost the earth, wasn’t too big and that could get you cooking in a short amount of time. From that start, Ooni now make a range of back-garden-and-beyond outdoor ovens and accessories that have got all your pizzaiolo aspirations covered, whether you’re going camping, heading to the beach, or entertaining at home. And if you prefer the convenience of cooking with gas, they make gas-fired pizza ovens too.


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Product dimensions

31 x 66cm including handle.


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