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Nimble Thimble One-Finger Safety Cutter for Paper and Packaging

£ 4.99

Cut paper & plastic with precision thanks to this thimble cutter. Ideal for crafts, scrap books & opening post. 3cm high, fits any finger.

Nimble Thimble One-Finger Safety Cutter for Paper and Packaging

Product number: 62276

At first glance the Nimble Thimble Safety Cutter looks just like any thimble you’d find in a sewing box, but on closer inspection you’ll see this fits-any-finger silicone cap is equipped with a really handy little blade, perfect for cutting recipes and money-off vouchers out of magazines, opening envelopes, removing cellophane from packages and so much more.

Super-efficient blade

Safer than craft knives and scalpels and easier to use than scissors (especially if you have limited dexterity), the zirconia ceramic blade is almost ten times harder than steel and will efficiently tackle cutting a multitude of cutting tasks – but, although sharp, because it isn’t big enough to penetrate skin, it’s safe for children to use too.


As brilliant for kitchen drawers and desk tidies as it is for a crafter’s kit box, the bright yellow colour makes it really easy to spot amongst other tools, utensils and crafting clutter.

  • Kitchen – It’s fabulous for opening vacuum-sealed food packaging – especially the kind with teensy pull tabs that don’t want to budge – from bacon and cold cuts to packs of coffee, tea and dried goods. And of course, if you’ve spotted a recipe that takes your fancy in a magazine it takes no time at all to cut it out!
  • Office – Keep it in your desk for opening post at lightning speed (with no paper cuts!), for cutting entry forms out of magazines and for getting through all sorts of sticky tape on packages and parcels.
  • Craft room – Whether you’re cutting out pictures for a scrap book, carefully trimming pieces of patterned paper for decoupage or helping a little one make their first collage, the Nimble Thimble will soon be your best friend.
  • Gift wrap – Utterly fabulous for those moments pre-Christmas, and for birthdays, weddings and christenings when you’re wrestling with awkward sheets and rolls of wrapping paper, this dinky cutter makes it oh-so-easy to manage slippery rolls of paper. One hand can keep control of the paper while the other makes quick work of cutting the piece you need.

Fits any finger – Suitable for any finger or thumb, the flexible silicone shape is ‘pleated’ to allow for larger hands to use it and the ridges mean it’s quite easy to grip if you prefer to keep your fingers on the outside for any reason.

About Version 22

A young company, Version 22 first took shape in the hallways of Loughborough University, an establishment renowned for the quality of its research and development work. They bankroll their projects through crowd-funding and, from small beginnings in 2012, now sell their innovative products in over 75 countries around the world.

Product dimensions

Approx. 3cm H.


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