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My Kitchen Silicone Spoon Rest – Colours Vary

£ 3.99

Large spoon or utensil rest.
Keeps worktops clean while you cook.
Holds prep, cooking and baking utensils.
Heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.
Part of our My Kitchen prep range.
25cm long.

My Kitchen Silicone Spoon Rest – Colours Vary

Product number: 26562

Brightening up your kitchen while catching any drips or splashes to keep your countertop clean and mess-free, our My Kitchen Silicone Spoon Rest is the perfect place to rest your spoon – or your tongs, turner, ladle or whisk – in between prepping, stirring, turning or serving.

The cupped shape and raised rim at the ‘head’ end stop even the messiest spoon from dribbling soup or cake mix onto your work surface, while soft little ridges help hold your utensil clear above anything that’s drained off it – so it’s less likely to drip when you lift it up to use it again.

In one of four kitchen-cheering colours – blue, green, red or yellow – the spoon holder is made of non-slip, stain-resistant, heat-resistant silicone, has a handy hanging hole in the handle, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Heat-resistant to 230°C.

BPA free.

Please note: colours vary – you may be allocated any of the colours listed above when you place your order.

About our My Kitchen prep range

Our colourful My Kitchen range of cooking and baking prep essentials is sure to cheer up any kitchen. And as well as being eye-catchingly bright so you’ll always be able to find them, they’re made from durable, long-lasting materials, so they’re ultra-reliable too.

25cm L. Head 10.5cm W.


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