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My Kitchen Pastel Cake Tester

£ 3.99

Pastel cake tester stick.
Checks your cakes are properly cooked.
Made from stainless steel.
With a comfy silicone beaded handle.
Flatter blade leaves a small hole.
13.5cm long .

My Kitchen Pastel Cake Tester

Product number: 32653

Your cake’s come out of the oven, looking lovely, you turn it out onto your cooling rack… and it promptly falls apart because it isn’t properly cooked in the middle. Not what anyone wants to happen, and with our Pastel Cake Tester, it won’t, ever again.

To test, just slide the stainless steel pointy end into your cake and pull it out – when your cake is properly baked it will come out smoothly, with no cake mixture sticking to it. If it doesn’t, you know to leave your cake in the oven for another few minutes before trying again.

The pretty pastel beads on the handle are made from silicone, which makes it comfortable to hold, and the stainless steel pin has a slightly flatter shape than many cake testers, ensuring the hole made in your cake when testing isn’t too obvious.

Once you’re finished with it, the tester can be popped in the dishwasher for quick and easy clean-up.

13.5cm L.


  • Dishwasher safe

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