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Modern Moisture Absorber

£ 29.99

Contemporary stylish moisture absorber.
Discreet yet efficient design.
Effective in rooms up to 35m Sq.</li.
Includes one absorbent tablet .
16.5cm Dia. x 13.5cm H. .

Modern Moisture Absorber

Product number: 46194

Moisture absorbers aren’t usually the most attractive things to have out on display, but this Modern Moisture Absorber is an exception. This aesthetically pleasing cream ceramic pot with its bamboo lid won’t look out of place anywhere in your home – window sill, dining table, shelf unit, – as it discreetly absorbs excess moisture from the air through its decorative ventilation holes.

Modern, discreet and efficient

With its sleek, modern design, this elegant absorber will blend in anywhere, cunningly looking like an ornament – but under the lid is the water collection tank and fragrance-free absorbent tab that does all the hard work. The only outward sign of what’s going on is a discreet blue ‘aerial’ that pops up through the lid. As the water tank fills, the aerial gets higher, and when it’s fully extended, it’s time to empty the tank and change the absorbent tablet.

Helping to prevent condensation on windows and walls as well as stopping mould, mildew and unpleasant smells, the absorber works efficiently in rooms up to 35m Sq.

Use anywhere

Suitable for using anywhere in your home or office, the moisture absorber helps reduce allergens in the air and improves indoor air quality – particularly useful for second homes where ventilation is infrequent as it stops them getting musty and damp while you’re away. It also regulates the moisture level at home and helps reduce the electric bill since it becomes easier to warm up or cool down a room.


Clean and easy to use, this durable moisture absorber is environmentally friendly and can be used again and again – Refills sold separately

Product dimensions

16.5cm Dia. x 13.5cm H.

Useful documents

  • description Product Label (PDF)

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