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Mini Moisture & Condensation Trap

£ 3.99

Mini Moisture & Condensation Trap is ideal for preventing damp & condensation in small spaces. The spill-proof, disposable unit holds 125ml water & absorption crystals.

Mini Moisture & Condensation Trap

Product number: 25654

Cupboards, wardrobes, utility rooms, boats, caravans – even the downstairs loo – can be difficult to keep well-ventilated and dry so often end up becoming a little damp, especially when they’re not properly heated or in constant use.

Helping to reduce condensation, and control mould and musty odours in even the most awkward of nooks and crannies, this dinky disposable moisture trap is designed to fit in the smallest of spaces and is filled with beads of moisture-absorbing calcium chloride.

Simple to use, neat and clean, just remove the foil seal before replacing the lid onto the unit and the crystals will get to work straightaway, sucking excess moisture and humidity from the air.

Ideally sized for narrow, shallow windowsills or other teeny spots, it holds up to 125ml of water.

Contains 100g beads which remain active for up to 3 months depending on the level of humidity.

Please note: not refillable.


  • Irritant hazard

Product dimensions

9 x 4 x 7cm H.

Useful documents

  • description Product Label (PDF)

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