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Metaltex Double Retractable Clothes Line – 2 x 15m

£ 16.99

Save vital garden or indoor space with this double retractable clothes line offering up to 30m of drying space. Easy to install inside or out.

Metaltex Double Retractable Clothes Line – 2 x 15m

Product number: 53229

There’s nothing quite like the freshness of line-dried laundry, but if you don’t have enough outside space for a fixed washing line, don’t like the way they look, or want to be able to enjoy your garden without risking the occasional throttling (in our defence, washing lines can be hard to see when there’s no laundry on them), then Metaltex’s Double Retractable Clothes Line is a really clever solution, with a very impressive 30m drying space along its twin lines.

Pair of retractable clothes lines

The robust, weather-resistant plastic casing houses two 15-metre-long lines, each with a loop on the end to attach to a fence post, or garden wall, or to somewhere else in your house if you fix it indoors. You can use one or both lines at a time, and both retract neatly and safely back into the main unit when you’re done.

Can go in different directions

You don’t want to dry lines of laundry right next to each other, getting trouser legs and shirt arms all tangled up together in the breeze, so these lines can be attached to things in totally different directions – perhaps different fence posts along one side of your outside space, or opposite garden walls.

Locking mechanism keeps them taut

Locking mechanisms on the outside of the casing keep the lines taut, whether you only need a few metres or want to pull them out to the furthest extent, so they won’t sag under the weight of your clothes and trail things on the floor.

For gardens, balconies – or use inside

Whatever your outside space – garden, balcony, patio, yard – these pull-to-fit lines will work perfectly. And if you’d rather use it indoors, it can be fixed up in a garage or utility room too.

Easy to install

A pair of screws and standard brick wall fixings are included, along with full instructions.

Product dimensions

Main unit 20 x 10 x 16.5cm H. Lines 2 x 15m.


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