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Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan

£ 7.99

Our medium Hemisphere Cake Tin creates perfectly smooth hemisphere cakes baked in 2 halves to create a perfect globe easily. Available in 3 sizes.

Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan

Product number: 72422

Make a lion or tiger face-shaped cake to celebrate a birthday, a pumpkin cake for Halloween, a festive Christmas bauble cake, or be inspired to create your very own domed or 3D spherical masterpiece using the medium hemisphere cake pan.

Previously only achievable with precarious stacking and good carving skills, our easy release hemisphere tin means reliably rounded cakes are impressively simple to make.

Made from tough anodised aluminium which has great heat distribution properties, each one is oven safe up to 230°C.

About the Hemisphere Cake Pan Range

Get perfectly smooth, domed cakes the easy way using our range of hemisphere baking pans. Great for professional-looking celebration cakes that any baker would be proud of – your cake comes out with a flat base and an evenly rounded shape each and every time.

Available in three sizes – small, medium and large – use individually to make a ladybird; mix and match the sizes to make bunny or hedgehog cakes, or bake two halves using the same-sized tin then sandwich them together to create a complete globe that lends itself to being decorated as a football, a planet, an owl or whatever novelty orb-shaped design takes your fancy.


The Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan is ideal for our recipes as follows:

Individual Pumpkin Cakes

Snowman Snowball Cake

Snowman Cake

Christmas Puding Cake

Penguin Hemisphere Cake

Unicorn Cake

Toadstool Cake

Football Hemisphere Cake

Crackin’ Easter Chick Cake

Owl Cake


  • Oven safe

Product dimensions

16cm Dia. x 8cm H.


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