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Mastrad Kitchen Blowtorch

£ 29.99

Versatile cook’s blowtorch.
Simply click to ignite.
Adjustable flame control.
Quadruple, wind-resistant flames.
Perfect for barbecues and crème brûleé.
Large fuel capacity.

Mastrad Kitchen Blowtorch

Product number: 26468

No serious cook should be without a reliable blowtorch in their kitchen armoury. Perfect for everything from caramelising the sugar on a crème brûleé or scorching a baked Alaska, to skinning peppers and tomatoes or searing scallops, it will come in useful outdoors too – for lighting the barbecue or starting a campfire.

We tried out a lot of blowtorches but it was this one from Mastrad that lit our fire, and here’s why…

Adjustable flame size

With quadruple, won’t-blow-out wind-resistant flames that are adjustable from the dial on top, it’s also easy to light up via the click-to-ignite button and its high burning temperature means it can be used indoors and out for a variety of culinary and non-culinary tasks.

The flame will continue to burn as you release the red button as this is to ignite it – to turn the flame down or off you twist the silver knob at the top of the blow torch.

Large fuel capacity

Easy to fill with butane gas (not included), it will burn continuously for up to 60 minutes on the lowest setting.


In a sleek, comfortable-in-the-hand design, it’s been made with professional-grade materials to keep you caramelising, scorching and flambéing for longer.

About Mastrad

Founded in 1994, French company Mastrad specialise in the design of culinary accessories. Their recipe for success: a good dose of utility, a big spoonful each of ergonomics and quality, and for the finishing touch, a pinch of aesthetics, resulting in products designed to help make your kitchen more functional, pleasant and colourful.

Product dimensions

16cm H.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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